Difference in inductance between chip inductors

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Difference in inductance between chip inductors

Because the two wires are wound on the same core, the inductance is only related to the number of turns, whether it is the same for single or double wires.


When the two-wire winding inductor is split into two sets of coils and connected in the first position, the inductance is not twice as large as the original one but four times.

The inductance of the two-wire winding is relatively larger than that of the single-wire winding. The characteristics are relatively good. When the total area is the same, the double-line effect of the skin effect over the high-frequency condition is better.

The difference between single and double wire in the chip inductor:

1. Used to increase the cross section instead of the specifications that are not available at hand.

2. When the cross section is large, the softness is improved and the processing is easy.

3. Increase the surface area, which is conducive to high frequency operation. However, single wire winding is convenient.

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