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Perform the following steps when handling transformer oil

time:2019-08-09 14:45source: writer:健阳达电子

Perform the following steps when handling transformer oil

1. Pressure filtration method: The insulating oil used for power transformers must have insulation properties and thermal conductivity properties (national standards). At the installation site, the general pressure filtration method is used to complete the general drying (removal of moisture) and purification (removal of dirt) of the insulating oil. Methods.

2. Open valves 8 and 11, then start the oil pump and open valves 6 and 7.

(1) When stopping oil, first turn off 6 and 7, then stop the oil pump, then close the valves of 8 and 11.

(2) During normal operation, the pressure gauge is working normally under the pressure of 3*10 ~4*10 Pa. If the impurities and oil paper are clogged, the pressure will increase. When the pressure reaches 6*10 Pa, it must be stopped and the filter paper should be replaced.

(3) The filter paper is dried in an oven at 80-90 ° C for 24 hours before use, and placed in a clean container.

(4) The filter screen is cleaned every 10~15 hours. At the beginning, within 3-5 minutes of oil filtering, the oil outlet hole is sent back to the sewage tank through the valve 10 to re-filter, and the oil in the oil filter is accumulated and passed through the valve. 9 Return to the sewage system and filter again. The above filter oil should be subjected to multiple times of essence and drying.


3, transformer charged oil filter:

(1) When the voltage is higher than 10V, it is not advisable to use charged oil. Because more bubbles are generated during filtration, the bubbles will be free under the action of higher voltage, which will deteriorate the insulation performance of the oil and cause internal discharge. When charging the oil, the gas released from the oil in the gas relay is periodically discharged.

(2) When the oil is filtered, the oil pipe and the oil filter should be grounded reliably to protect the personal safety of the staff. The staff should be professional, have to be supervised, and wear good insulation products.

(3) Operation: At the interface of the 4 and 5 diagonal valves, the pressure type oil filter is connected, the valve 4 draws out the oil, and the oil tank is returned from the valve 5, and filtered through a plurality of cycles until the standard is met.

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